Who/What is CFMA?

What is CFMA? CFMA is a non-profit organization made up of parents and faculty united in the common goal of providing opportunities for Chi-Hi music students to excel in their chosen course of musical expression.

We raise awareness of the importance of music in our students' education. Through various fund-raising activities throughout the year, the CFMA helps students "earn" funding for the Music Department trips, assists the department with special projects to improve our students' musical experience, and even provides scholarships toward sending students to summer music camps!

Our intent is to provide a supportive arena where students can hone their talents and skills, establish new goals, and continually challenge themselves and others to reach for their dreams.


Who is CFMA? You are! This includes any parent or guardian with a son or daughter participating in the Chi-Hi music department. You don't have to sign up or apply; membership is automatic upon student registration to a music class.

We want you to be involved! The CFMA is about meeting music people. There are many rewards to being an active member of the CFMA. Last year, CFMA donated funds toward the new sound booth, purchased new percussion instruments for the marching band and an instrument stand for the orchestra. But as an active member, the biggest reward is being there with our children! Sharing in their excitement and watching their skills develop is something we only have a few short years to enjoy. Your student will benefit from the CFMA whether or not you choose to participate.

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